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The Copper Care Duo

The Copper Care Duo

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Both of our products, full size, because they compliment each other so well, includes;

Glow Drops 100ml

Our new hair growth oil complex contains the best oils for your scalp.

Organic Rosemary oil stimulates the hair follicles and increases circulation in the scalp, resulting in powerful oxygen and nutrient delivery thus promoting growth. It’s also antimicrobial so amazing for scalp health and dandruff. It’s strong stuff so we’ve created the perfect balance for the best results without irritation.

Jojoba oil is deeply moisturising it repairs heat damage and split ends. It’s another oil that stimulates hair follicles plus it’s super strengthening too, your hair will love it.

Sweet Almond Oil is a stand-alone miracle worker, it’s full of Vitamin E and Biotin (B7) providing a powerful rejuvenating antioxidant for your hair. Its emollient properties fill gaps in the hair shaft at a cellular level, softening and strengthening from within.

That’s it, no silicones, no chemicals, no nasties.

Use once or twice a week for best results. Massage into scalp and leave on for 3 hours or longer, before shampooing.

This bottle should last 4-6 weeks, if used as recommended.

Glow Oil 50ml

A blend of superior oils, designed to repair, nourish and protect hair.

Pure Argan Oil, renowned for its amazing properties and being the true ‘holy grail’ of natural hair oils, contains naturally occurring acids and squalene to balance, replenish and rehydrate damaged strands. Protecting each one from within whilst providing natural heat protection and shine.

Macadamia nut oil repairs, moisturises, strengthens and hydrates hair, coating the hair shaft with nourishing vitamins and fatty acids, returning damaged hair cuticles to their normal structure.

Jojoba oil is deeply moisturising, it repairs heat damage and split ends. It’s another oil that stimulates hair follicles plus it’s super strengthening too, your hair will love it.

And that amazing smell, that’s Ylang Ylang which not only smells dreamy, it’s another little miracle worker, stimulating the sebaceous glands and boosting natural oil production to keeping your hair healthy and strong reducing breakage and split ends.

That’s it, no silicones, no chemicals, no nasties.

Apply 1 to 2 pumps to mid lengths and ends before styling to protect against heat damage. Use a small amount after styling to glaze and protect. Can be used daily for protection and shine.

This bottle will last over 2 months on medium length hair.

None of our products are tested on animals

Grow Drops have been produced in compliance with Article 19(1)(d) of Cosmetic Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Savannah Cobbold
Great products!

I purchased this set, along with the dream cream and shampoo and conditioner in the Boxing Day sales. I love how soft the products make my hair feel and the scent of them is not overpowering like most hair oils can be. I cannot wait to see the results after using the products for a longer period of time. On a side note, the customer service provided is OUTSTANDING. Really responsive to messages and sorted out an issue I had with Royal Mail so swiftly. Would definitely recommend these products ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Faye Chandler
The best one I’ve found

I already had the Grow Drops then I saw this duo with the Glow Oil. Literally amazing for my hair. Everything is natural makes it feel great. My hair and scalp has never been better. And NO SILICONE! <3