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Grow Drops

Grow Drops

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Take your hair to new lengths.

Our new hair growth oil complex contains the best oils for your scalp.

Organic Rosemary oil stimulates the hair follicles and increases circulation in the scalp, resulting in powerful oxygen and nutrient delivery thus promoting growth. It’s also antimicrobial so amazing for scalp health and dandruff. It’s strong stuff so we’ve created the perfect balance for the best results without irritation.

Jojoba oil is deeply moisturising it repairs heat damage and split ends. It’s another oil that stimulates hair follicles plus it’s super strengthening too, your hair will love it.

Sweet Almond Oil is a stand-alone miracle worker, it’s full of Vitamin E and Biotin (B7) providing a powerful rejuvenating antioxidant for your hair. Its emollient properties fill gaps in the hair shaft at a cellular level, softening and strengthening from within.

That’s it, no silicones, no chemicals, no nasties.

Use once or twice a week for best results. Massage into scalp and leave on for 3 hours or longer, before shampooing.

This 100ml bottle should last 4-6 weeks, if used as recommended.

None of our products are tested on animals

Grow Drops have been produced in compliance with Article 19(1)(d) of Cosmetic Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
One extremely happy man.

I used the growth oil after radiotherapy last year, it worked for me. I was so surprised and happy with it. My husband who turned 60 last year, has gradually lost his hair on the top of his head, but still thick round the back and sides. He wasn't too happy. So in January I started to massage the oil into the scalp 3 to 5 mins 3 times a week. As a couple of weeks past new hair started to grow. He was can't be, we took a photo and zoomed in and it was definitely their. We have carried on and it's unbelievable that he now has new dark hair with no side line. The hair has come through dark and strong. I honestly still can't believe the change, obviously he is in shock and so happy. Amazing product and genuinely works, I am still doing it twice a week for 3/5 minutes. He leaves it in over night. So thank you so much, this lovely lady has changed two people's hair completely.

Bryony Moore

The condition of My hair after 1 week is amazing!! I was loosing hair due to a contraceptive injection and after using this the 2nd time I haven't noticed any hair falling out since.. I've not been using long enough to see any growth changes but I already know its doing something so I'm really happy xxx

Georgie Sneddon

Absolutely loving the grow and glow products! My hair feels absolutely amazing and has so much more shine! Can’t wait to see the continued progress 🧡

Kim Jones

We are on our second bottle now. This stuff is brilliant.
Not only does it help your hair to grow, it keeps it shiny and glossy too. And because it’s made of natural products, it’s gentle on the scalp.

Nicole Manescu

Id been using different oils for hair growth for a while now and found they’d not made too much of a difference, by chance I came across a video of someone who swears by the copper hair co oil and the cream too, now I’m a skin specialist but I also much prefer natural over medicine, so I ordered to see as tbh the price was amazing for what I ordered, delivery was super quick I think next day! Even though I didn’t pay for next day.
Anyway used it 3/4times the growth oil and moisturising cream/butter, I can honestly say my hair feels so healthy, shiny and a lot less fall out after only 3/4 washes! I’ve also been using their large hair scrunchie for when I do tie it up I think that’s made a difference too.

Will definitely keep using the copper hair co